Hilary McLea B Soc Sc - Social Work (UCT), MSW - Master in Social Work (UWC)
Trauma, loss & grief counsellor & trainer

Loss Grief and Continuous Trauma Training

Managing Loss, Grief and Continuous Trauma

  • Are there people in your community who experience loss, grief and trauma?
  • Do you need a tool to help you support people who cannot escape their context?

This programme lessens the effects of loss, grief and trauma in places where help is limited. It provides people in your organisation/NGO/church with a way to access hope. The programme improves overall health, self-esteem and deepens faith in a context of despair. If you work in a resource-deprived setting this will give you the help you need.

The programme is designed for mental health professionals to run the workshop in their own setting. Others working in this field are welcome.

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